Microsoft Set to Launch Psychic Search Engine Powered by Derek Acorah


Imagine a search engine that knows exactly what you are looking for before you have even typed a word. Well that’s exactly what Microsoft have created in their latest attempt to overturn Google’s massive dominance in the search engine market. “It couldn’t be easier to use,” Bill Gates told us. “You simply navigate to and a page More...

by admin | Published 3 years ago
Got a light mate?
By admin On Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Southport Man Injured Trying to Light Electronic Cigarette

Got a light mate? There are renewed calls for an outright ban on electronic cigarettes today, as news emerged that a Southport man was injured whilst trying to light one on his gas hob. Apparently, Kevin Rimmer, More...

Still want to move to Hesketh Bank, townie?
By admin On Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Hesketh Bank to get Telephone and Internet by 2024

Still want to move to Hesketh Bank, townie? British Telecom have vowed to bring the ramshackle collection of villages to the north of Southport, known as Hesketh Bank, into the information age ‘within the More...