Published On: Tue, Jun 21st, 2016

Swivel-eyed Brexit morons should adopt a more respectful tone say Remain campaign

operation_black_voteCampaigners for Britain to stay in the EU have today renewed their calls for ‘hate-filled, uneducated and bigoted’ Leave advocates to dial down the rhetoric and adopt a more civilised tone.

“You just can’t reason with these disgustingly xenophobic little-Englanders” Remain campaigner Jane Rimmer told us. “All we want is a thoughtful, tolerant and inclusive debate. But these dangerous fascists just keep spewing their hateful bile about ‘sovereignty and democracy’, which are obviously just code words for rounding up all foreigners into concentration camps and gassing them.”

“I spoke to one of these pathetic Brexit Nazis the other day,” Rimmer explained. “This deluded lunatic was vomiting out some nonsense about lack of growth in the Eurozone, the obvious inbuilt inequity of a single currency between wildly disparate economies, the common fisheries and agricultural policy, the burden of red tape on small businesses, forced privatisations, bloated bureaucracy, corporate bailouts, the imposition of unelected technocratic regimes, corruption, forced removal of Greek workers’ collective bargaining power and wholesale asset-stripping of their public sector, devastation caused to developing nations by EU trade barriers, youth unemployment in Southern Europe, ignored referanda, a nascent EU army, lack of democratic accountability and the need to restore the primacy of the British parliament and judiciary in the face of unwanted deeper political and fiscal union.”

“But all I heard was, blah, blah, blah, immigrants. Because that’s all these hateful, deranged fanatics ever talk about.”


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