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Non-binary computer programmer wins discrimination case


Alex Rimmer, a computer programmer from Southport, Merseyside was awarded £120,000 plus costs by an employment tribunal this morning for a claim of discrimination against their former employer, CIS Systems.

The tribunal upheld Rimmer’s claim that there were ‘lots of numbers between zero and one’ and that it was discriminatory against other numbers to exclude them from computer programs on the basis of their numerical orientation.

CIS System’s protestations that none of Rimmer’s code worked were dismissed and condemned as ‘unacceptably fraction-phobic’. The company’s directors were ordered to attend a diversity and inclusivity training course.

Speaking outside the tribunal this morning, a CIS Systems spokesperson told us that they apologised unreservedly for any offense caused and for reinforcing damaging numerico-normative stereotypes. They also gave assurances that they were fully committed to giving equal representation to every possible number between zero and one, as well as undecided, nonconforming or fluid states and their numerical identities in any future software products.