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Anti-fascists would only suspend democracy and freedom of speech ‘temporarily’

"Silence the opponents of free speech!"

Anti-fascist movements have sprung up across the UK in response to groups like the EDL. Now their ire is focused almost entirely on UKIP, who are enjoying a huge nationwide surge in popularity.

However, some have questioned the ideology of the anti-fascists themselves. That’s why we spoke to the head of Southport Against Fascists (SAF), Joanne Plenge.

“SAF are here to protect people against intolerance and extremism, that’s all.” Plenge explained. “To do that properly we may have to seize power and suspend the democratic process and freedom of speech temporarily. But only until we have weeded out all unacceptable opinions and established an anti-fascist state.”

“We might need a visible presence of uniformed anti-fascists for a while – but these could be kept low key by putting them in a nice neutral colour, like brown.”

Plenge assured us, however, that the anti-fascist brown shirts would only take people away for questioning and re-education if they disagreed with the doctrine of the anti-fascist state.

“Lets say someone questioned the effectiveness of wind farms, or had a poster of Nigel Farage. One of their friends, neighbours or kids could inform the friendly local brown shirt, who would bring them in for a little chat.”

Plenge finished by reassuring us that the new anti-fascist state would only annex other countries if there was evidence of unacceptable thoughts within their populace.

We hope that you are now as comforted as we are at having the anti-fascists here to protect our hard-earned freedoms.