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Brexit could end the DFS sale

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show this morning, David Cameron has warned that if Britain votes to leave the European Union the DFS sale really, really must end very soon.

“A vote for Brexit is a vote for hateful racism and bigotry, permanent global recession and full price sofas.” the Prime Minister insisted.

The DFS sale is a proud British tradition, which has survived through a civil war, the black death, the rise and fall of empire, and two world wars. It is a little known fact that King John was compelled to sign the Magna Carta on ‘The Canterbury’ – a stylish corner group with fetching floral scatter cushions and matching pouffe (was 799 groats, now only 399). According to some historians, we may not even have a parliamentary democracy today if ‘The Canterbury’ hadn’t been available with four years’ interest free credit.

The leave campaign have reacted with fury to the Prime Minister’s latest intervention, however.

“The stuff about a third world war and the end of western civilisation was almost believable.” Boris Johnson replied. “But the DFS sale ending? He’s just taking the piss now.”