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You Know You Grew up in Southport in the 70’s or 80’s When…

You remember:

  • Having to work up the courage to go on the death slide. And going down the helter-skelter on a woven mat.
  • Knowing someone, or someone who knew someone, who nicked Chewits from the factory on Virginia Street.
  • The stories of the open air swimming pool being full of broken glass.
  • Playing pool in the upstairs of The Carousel.
  • The dreaded….’got a spare bifta?’….’lend’s two bob for a hold’….’I like yer trainees’.
  • The bus depot on Lord St.
  • Buying ‘seppies’ (a single cig and a match) from the newsagent on Neville St.
  • And getting served at Sandhu’s on Neville St.
  • The sticky carpet in Manhattans.
  • When Southport beach was sand instead of grass. And jumping off the highest sandhills you could find.
  • Southport Zoo.
  • There was no such thing as the Ocean Plaza, the new hospital, (or the road it’s on) Tesco or Kew retail park.
  • A summer job on a farm, probably picking tomatoes.
  • The Kingsway.
  • Everyone was a red or a blue. All the matches were on the BBC and LFC won (almost) everything.
  • Midnight madness at The Floral Rock Night (best night out ever). And chips and gravy from MJ’s.
  • The old cinema(s) on Lord St.
  • The YMCA. Good kids inside rollerskating. The rest outside drinking Thunderbird wine or Mad Dog 20/20.
  • Going in the nice warm little pool in the old swimming baths because the big pool was barely above freezing point.
  • And the great vending machines upstairs.
  • Trying to be the last one on the spinning wheel thing in the Funhouse.
  • Pony Rider and chips.
  • Writing ‘Southport, Lancashire’ on a letter or form.
  • Bubble bath or washing up liquid in the Lord St fountain.


Please let us know what we’ve missed in the comments below. We’ll add the popular ones.

If you want one of these for a different generation, please feel free to put a list together.