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Justin Bieber barred from Southport Funland

The scene of Saturday's alleged incident.

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has allegedly been handed a lifetime ban from Southport’s largest amusement arcade, Funland, following an incident last Saturday afternoon.

We are unable to print specific details for legal reasons. However, we can confirm that a certain famous international pop star was allegedly involved. Apparently, he was generally rude and obnoxious towards staff and customers, but it was a much more serious offence that triggered the ban.

We spoke to Kelly Rimmer, a customer service assistant from Funland (who did not wish to be named), who told us all about the alleged incident.

“My manager had asked me to keep an eye on Bieber, as he has a reputation for being a bit of a lad,” She explained. “Everything seemed ok at first, but then I noticed Bieber’s minders form a circle around the 2p falls machine he was playing on. Then the alarm went off and I could see the top of the machine was shaking.”

“That’s when I called my manager over and he banned him there and then,” Rimmer continued. “We have to put up with a lot of bad behaviour working here. But it doesn’t matter how many No.1’s you have, or how many teenage girls follow you around screaming – no one get’s away with nudging the 2p falls.”


Ed: It is refreshing seeing famous people being treated the same as the rest of us. And if Bieber’s legal team are unable to overturn the ban, he’ll just have to make do with inferior forms of entertainment next time he tours the North-West.