Home Politics & Current Affairs Southport set for massive wall to keep out Scousers

Southport set for massive wall to keep out Scousers

It has emerged that a controversial mayoral candidate from Southport has been pushing for the erection of a 20′ high border wall around the town.

Apparently, if Donald J. Rimmer is elected Mayor of Sefton in next Tuesday’s election, construction could begin on the defensive perimeter as early as next Spring.

“It will be such a great wall.” Rimmer told us earlier. “A great, great wall.”

“And Liverpool will pay for it.”

We asked the divisive candidate how he felt about the strong criticism his idea was receiving.

“Let me be totally clear about this. I’ve got absolutely nothing against Liverpool – or Scousers.” Rimmer replied. “They are great people. Great, great people. But we can’t keep having them coming over here taking Southport people’s jobs.”

“And let’s be honest here, a lot of their moustaches do make them look suspiciously Mexican.” He explained. “Especially the men’s.”

“Vote for me and I’ll make Southport great again.”