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Local drug dealer still accepting old pound coins

The old shape £1 coin ceased being legal tender at midnight last night. However, many businesses, such as Poundland, are attempting to drum up extra business by continuing to accept them on purchases for an extra couple of weeks.

Now, we are pleased to announce, Wayne Rimmer, an enthusiastic up-and-coming narcotics entrepreneur from Southport, Merseyside is also looking to capitalise on the opportunity.

“I’ll be taking the old pound coin until the end of the month.” Rimmer assured us this morning. “As well as all other cash – and major credit and debit cards”

“I’ve got some real top drawer stuff on offer at the moment – so why waste all those old pound coins on tat from the pound shop?” He added.

As well as an impressive catalogue of soft drugs, the enterprising young Sandgrounder has also recently expanded his business to offer a range of savoury snacks and confectionery.

We are sure you’ll join us in congratulating Wayne on his enterprising approach – and in supporting your local dealer.