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Man buys full price Pringles

Get Frazzles instead.

At around 8.30pm last night a man purchased a tube of salt n vinegar Pringles from a convenience store on Bispham Road, Southport for the full price of £2.97, it has emerged.

We spoke to stunned staff, who couldn’t believe what had happened.

“To be honest, I was too shocked to point out to him what he was doing,” Shelley Rimmer, the assistant who served him told us.

“My mum said he must be absolutely loaded and isn’t bothered that they’re bound to be on offer for a pound, or at least two for £2.50, by the end of the week.”

“Dave in marketing thinks he’s probably been out of the country for a while and has forgotten how prices work in Britain.”

If you have any information on the man who paid full price for his Pringles, please let us know.