Home Politics & Current Affairs Panic as UKIP discover that ‘UKIP’ is Bulgarian word for ‘Welcome!’

Panic as UKIP discover that ‘UKIP’ is Bulgarian word for ‘Welcome!’

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There have been several reports of UKIP signs being vandalised around Southport this week. The shocking truth, however, is that the UKIP supporters themselves have been defacing their own campaign boards.

Apparently, an intern at UKIP’s campaign headquarters was using Google Translate to find slogans to tell foreigners to ‘f*ck off home’ in 18 languages when she noticed that ‘ukip’ was actually a Bulgarian word meaning ‘welcome!’

Further investigation by the party served only to compound their misery. They discovered that ‘ukip’ is shorthand for a longer traditional form of Bulgarian greeting:

“UKIP! ,моля те, остани и се насладете на нашето гостоприемствохраната и виното на масата ни, и големите пазвите на нашите жени!”

Which roughly translates to:

“Welcome! Please stay and enjoy our hospitality, the wine and food of our table, and the bountiful bosoms of our womenfolk!”

While we accept that the vast majority of UKIP supporters are not racist or xenophobic, it is our guess that when they put up placards in their front gardens, extending an invitation to Bulgarians to stay a few days and enjoy their food, booze and women is not what most had in mind.