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Woman sues travel agent after holiday snaps gain only 3 ‘likes’

Paradise. Or is it?

Southport resident, Stephanie Rimmer, 22, is suing holiday firm Thomas Cook, after the photographs of her girls’ holiday in Minorca received only 3 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Her solicitor has told her to expect a full refund, plus compensation in the region of £50,000-£100,000.

“To be honest, when we were getting back on the plane to come home I genuinely believed it was the best holiday I’d ever had.” Rimmer told us. “There were six of us and we all got great tans, partied 24/7 and had a proper laugh.”

“Then, when I uploaded the photographs of our fun, they only got three likes. And two of them were from my mum.” She explained. “It was then that I realised that the holiday can’t have been as good as I thought it was. In fact, it must have been truly awful to get only three likes. How could Thomas Cook do this to me?”

You might think that Stephanie would be better trusting her own personal experience, than the number of ‘likes’ on a social media platform. However, Bryan Eyre, a lecturer in Postmodern Digital Ontology at Edge Hill University told us that this isn’t necessarily true.

“Facebook likes, as a form of post-capitalist social interaction, can actually alter the fabric of the subjective metaphysical and act as a dialectical bridge between perceived and experienced reality,” He explained.