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Formby signs free trade deal with Germany

While the British Government’s talks with the EU over post-Brexit trade seem to have reached an impasse, Formby has already concluded a tariff-free deal of their own with Germany.

The affluent Merseyside town, home to many famous footballers, multi-millionaires and people pretending to be multi-millionaires, hired their own diplomat who wrapped up a deal within two weeks.

German negotiator, Helmut Rhimmermann, told us that the agreement was extremely beneficial for both parties.

“Formby represents 16% of the global export market for BMW 4×4’s and white convertible Mercedes, so obviously we want that trade to continue unimpeded.” Rhimmermann explained.

“Also, we wouldn’t want the very important people of Formby to suffer the indignity of having to drive a Toyota Yaris.”

The deal has also been welcomed by local companies who specialise in car finance and repossessions.