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Southport brothel now offering Clubcard points

Southport’s favourite brothel, Blue, has teamed up with a leading supermarket chain to offer clubcard points on every transaction.

Now, while patrons wait to be seen, they can peruse a full menu, including the price of each service and the number of points earned.

Dick Withers, a regular local customer, told us he was delighted with the new scheme. “It’s great. I come here all the time anyway. But now I get loads of points as well. The only difficulty is in explaining to the wife where all the free shopping comes from.”

Owner of Blue, Shirley Knott, said that she was willing to try any tactic to get an advantage in the fiercely competitive market for vice in Southport.

“Every little helps.” She suggested.

We have teamed up with blue to give our readers a fantastic, exclusive offer. Just mention ‘The Southport Times’ next time you visit for double points with items 60-69 on the menu.