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Southport Jehovah’s Witness invents door knocking app

There's an app for that.
There's an app for that.
There’s an app for that.

Paul Rimmer, a Jehovah’s Witness from Crossens, Southport, is set to appear on the BBC Dragon’s Den programme next week. He will be seeking investment in his new invention; the iKnock app, which will allow the messengers of God to reach up to 4.6 times as many lost souls per hour.

Apparently, iKnock works by utilising homeowners’ own technology. All the Jehovah’s Witnesses have to do is walk past your house and trigger the app. iKnock will then attempt to communicate with a TV, radio, pc, laptop, tablet or phone inside your home. When a connection is established, your device would emit a very loud, persistent knocking sound until you opened your front door and let them in.

Rimmer is confident of getting investment in his new invention. He claims that it will save the Jehovah’s Witnesses many cases of repetitive strain injury from knocking on doors all day. It will also cause a significant reduction for them in injuries from dog bites and punches thrown by homeowners.

We wish Paul every success in the Den – iKnock sounds like a fantastic new technological helper for those spreading the good news that there will be paradise on earth when Jesus has sent most of us to hell.