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Southport in surprise tourism boost from empty shop enthusiasts

We all know that there are loads of strange niche interests and hobbies out there, like trainspotting, roundabout photography, knitting bobble hats out of belly button fluff or following obscure sports teams, such as Manchester United. Now the seaside resort of Southport, Merseyside seems to be benefiting from from one of the very strangest; vacant commercial property spotting.

The town has found itself so swamped with these empty shop enthusiasts recently, that its local economy would be absolutely booming – if there were any small businesses left for them to spend their money in.

Brian Rimmer, head of the British Empty Shops Society, told us that his organisation was planning several coach trips to Southport this summer.

“There are just so many beautifully abandoned shops for us to wander around, you are attracting enthusiasts from all over the country.” He explained. “When we heard that you’d just booted out twenty or thirty small businesses in Birkdale for another supermarket that you’ve already got we couldn’t believe our luck! We’ve added an extra hour on our coach tour just for that.”

“Your local Council really has to be congratulated.” Rimmer continued. “Most Councils ruin our tours by helping small, local businesses to open and stay open. Your lot just don’t seem to give a shit. Which is brilliant. For us.”