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Southport Tip now accepting unwanted animals

The new signage.

From next week Southport residents will be able to dispose of surplus pets and livestock at Southport tip.

For the first few weeks people are being asked to talk to an assistant to ensure that animals are thrown through the right window. Assistants will also be on hand to help get heavier animals over the ledges.

“We think it’s a valuable service that will prove very useful to the people of Southport,” Site manager, Stephen Halsall told us.

“If there isn’t an assistant available when you come to the tip,” He continued, “The first window is for general waste, the second for plastic and cardboard, the third is for cows, sheep and large dogs. There is a small skip to the left for cats, rodents and other small pets. Please call ahead if you have anything more exotic.”

“But please remember to remove any collars before disposing of your animal, as they can cause damage if they get stuck in our new organic matter recycling machine.”