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The Southport Visiter set to reintroduce page 3 girls

Coming soon.

From next Friday’s edition onwards, the Southport Visiter newspaper will once again feature topless women.

The popular local paper, founded in 1844, was once renowned for its Victorian ‘what the butler saw’ style risque third page. However, in 1978 it capitulated to feminist campaigners and ended years of tradition.

Now, in a move to recapture its former glory, page three will be reinstated and modernised to reflect a style closer to ‘The Sun’ or ‘The Star’.

Editor, Andrew Green, told us he was sympathetic to feminism, but thought that, overall, it was a bit of harmless fun.

“On balance we think it will please more people than it upsets.” Green explained. “Also, we have taken into account the advances women have made in terms of equality and such.”

“That’s why we are guaranteeing to only ever show strong, independent women with their tits out.”

If any business is interested in advertising on the new page 3, please contact the Southport Visiter’s advertising department. There are two premium spots available in each edition.